Copenhagen Summit : Less than an achievement


Finally, the climate summit in Copenhagen concluded without any major breakthrough. It neither succeeded to address the grievances of the developing countries which are imposed to face the brunt which is not the consequence of themselves, it’s rather due to the activities of the developed countries nor could spell out the distinct commitment from the developed countries in cutting carbon emissions.

Nonetheless, commitment from the developed countries to mobilize jointly $100 billion dollar by 2020 to help developing countries fight against the consequences of climate change, sounds good, this plan is still sketchy. The five industrial nations US, China, India, Brazil and South Africa which are the largest contributor of green house gases to the atmosphere, struck a deal to limit the global temperature rise to 2 degree Celsius but they couldn’t set the targets for cut in carbon emissions, though there have been individual commitments before the summit. As the summit couldnot spell out any legal binding agreement, there is not sufficient base to believe in the words of developed countries that they would be brought into reality. Previously, the Kyoto protocol has been in limbo for many years due to the indifference of major rich countries including the United States.

But rest of the world doesnot have any option believing these countries. In sum, Copenhagen summit couldn’t be an ‘unprecedented’ summit as explained by the powerful world leaders. Though ,it goes without saying that, this summit have laid foundation to move forward in curtailing the carbon emissions and have added strength to the united voice of the developing countries to put forth the problems they are facing in the global arena. Also, it should not forgotten that the great concern and importance given by the rich countries, has contributed a little bit to review the psyche of the developing countries that rich countries have never been serious to mitigate the threats posed by the climate change.



What did Nepal get from this Summit ?


As anticipated, Nepal couldn’t get considerable benefits from this summit. Though, Nepal as a member of Least Developed Countries LDCs and as a victim nation due to to the climate change, would now be able to be benefited from the fund proposed by the rich countries to mitigate the consequences of climate change. As still the plan is sketchy it’s not clear that how could Nepal really take benefits from this fund and what amount would it get from that umbrella fund ?

The summit was expected to spell out something about the carbon credit plans that could really benefit the developing countries to avert the bad impacts of global warming in its geography, but in vain. Countries like Nepal which are rich in their forest resources and are contributing to make this world better place to live helping to absorb the carbon dioxide emitted by the industrial countries. It’s not wise to expect an individual country to benefit from these type of summits but as a representative of LDCs also Nepal has got no concrete achievement except the meticulous concern about the threats its Himalayas are facing.

Nepal, supporting the decision of LDCs, had decided to raise the demand that industrial countries should contribute 1.5% of its GDP. But that demand, also passed through the much hype cabinet meeting at the Everest base camp. remained unheard.

This summit also became an ironic instance for Nepal. Nepal, one of the small countries in the world saw the largest number of representatives in Copenhagen who reached there on their own or governmental and nongovernmental funding. Every newspaper here carried the photographs of The Minister of Forests Deepak Bohara along with his wife, grand children and three personal assistants.

While looking into the climate change issue more domestically, it has been treated as the way to collect fund and earn lot of money more than taking it as a serious issue that has been really a threat to the lives of their fellow people.





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