3 years of CPA


It has been three years since the inception of Comprehensive Peace agreement which formally ended the decade long Maoist insurgency and set a new foundation for the path of peace. Nevertheless, many provisions in the CPA are still to be brought into the frame of reality, a few achievements have been made in this course of time. The historic Constituent Assembly polls and bringing the Maoist ex-combatants in the temporary camps are notable achievements. Everybody also should accept this gospel truth leaving one’s biases that, ex rebels have set an example by accepting the parliamentary supremacy and embracing the multi party competition. This achievement should not be undermined at any cost.

On the ground of these achievements, Nepali peace process has also lost a lot of things during this course of time . The confidence among the political parties has degraded a lot. This is not exactly the scenario what nation has projected to see while formulating the CPA. The delay in constitution making, insensible fighting among parties for the power actually clarify the pathetic situation of Nepali dreams to achieve a durable peace and prosperity. This doesn’t mean that, it has been urgent to find out the alternatives of political parties. They actually don’t have the options in multiparty democracy and people also have no option of pressurizing them to act in nation’s larger interest and help correcting themselves.

Many provisions in the CPA aren’t properly implemented and concerning some others, the responsible actors of the state seem not to be interested at all to implement from the very beginning. Formation of Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Commission to investigate into the disappearances and violation of human rights during the insurgency, still hasn’t been formalized. The commitment to return the seized property hasn’t been materialized yet, instead a series of acts of capturing the land forcefully from the owner even these days by the ex rebels have become a regular phenomenon. These type of acts have raised eyebrows towards the commitment of Maoists for people’s fundamental rights and durable peace. Until and unless, you all don’t get out of these acts and bring back the confidence among the people and lessen the fear factor still existing in people’s mind pertaining the rebellion activities, the objective of durable peace never ever could be bring into reality. So, keep this thing in mind very seriously…the major actors including Maoists.

People still are facing the wounds of war. The scars of these wounds wouldn’t be pulled off until and unless there are investigations into the alleged war crimes and bring the culprit into the bars. Hundreds of people have lost their loved ones during the insurgency either from the state side or rebel side or he/she also have been the victim of both sides . Many till don’t know about the whereabouts of their loved ones. So, it has been very urgent to establish Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Commission to investigate into the disappearances.

Similar type of urgency has been a must in case of Maoists’ army rehabilitation and management. The Special Committee which is entrusted with these duties is still not functioning well. Recently, 3 meetings of the committee have been postponed as Maoist members of the committee rejected to attend. The management and rehabilitation of Maoist’s army is crucial issue in the peace process, so all the major political parties despite of their own political interests should get up and act in the larger interest helping the Special Committee functioning well and build the consensus about the modalities to integrate Maoists army in state’s security forces. The process underway to reintegrate the disqualified combatants into the society has conveyed a good message in peace process. But, the demand of many disqualified combatants to allow them to join the security forces like their qualified buddies [ qualified in UNMIN’s verification ] , has created a difficult situation to move ahead. According to the tripartite agreement of arms and armies management, disqualified combatants should be automatically released from the camps but could be assisted with different rehabilitation programs except the option joining the security forces for their better lives. So, Maoists leadership and the combatants themselves who have been proved disqualified as per the UNMIN’s verification, should not float unnecessary demands. This will not benefit themselves and at large, the whole peace process.

Looking in more depth, these 3 years of CPA saw a horrific situation of anarchy. Anarchy has prevailed almost in all the parts of the country. People with political or non political backgrounds, groups with or without political interests, all are calling bandhs and paralyzing country’s economy and vehicular movement . Government has failed to stop these activities. It’s not only the groups or political parties outside the government, even the political wings of the parties in the government are also hitting the streets. The immense pressure from the political parties and groups inside and outside the government to release their cadres who are allegedly involved in different crimes and violated state rules and regulations. The security forces and the administration have not been able to act independently, they are very much influenced by the parties political pressure.