Foreign Affairs

Ban calls for peaceful resolution of Ecuador chaos

30 Sept, New York

Expressing deep concerns over the developments in Ecuador, Secretary General of United Nations, Ban Ki Moon has called on all actors to resolve the crisis peacefully and within the rule of law. There are reports of unrest in Ecuador including the acts of insubordination by some members of the police and military. International media has reported that a state of emergency is declared after the incumbent President Rafael Correa accused the opposition and a section of the security forces of a coup attempt.

Ban has also expressed his strong solidarity towards the democratic institutions in Ecuador. The statement released by the spokesperson of Ban later today reads ” Secretary General expresses his strong support for the country‚Äôs democratic institutions and elected government. He is also concerned about the physical condition and personal welfare of President “. President Correa was reportedly pelted with tear gas and water by angry police officers who were protesting against the austerity measures to cut their benefits. Correa was then taken to the hospital.

Ban has also welcomed the endeavors of the Organization of American States and other regional actors to contribute to an early, constructive resolution to Ecuador turmoil.